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The World leader in Portable Fuel Cell Technology

About myFC
Under the theme “Ultra portable green energy & fuel cell technology”, myFC, the world’s leading authority on micro fuel cell technology, will address the power gap, affecting billions of mobile phone users, and integrated fuel cells that eliminate the restrictions of Li-Ion batteries in terms of performance and capacity.

Visitors to the myFC stand will have the opportunity to try out our latest portable fuel cell charger, JAQ, generating energy on the fly just using salt & water, review our unique ultra thin fuel cell, the LAMINA™ Thin Film fuel cell, check out the latest smart phones on the market integrated with our world leading fuel cell technology for energy anywhere, anytime and discuss related topics with our team.

Please contact anyone at myFC at if you wish to talk with a myFC executive at MWC to get a better view of myFC’s products, initiatives and progress in the areas that interest you.

myFC can be found at the Swedish Pavilion in Hall 7

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