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Catch us at #MWC17

The Swedish Pavillion, Hall 7, E41

Born out of 7 years of original, award-winning research in gesture technology at KTH - The Royal Institute of Technology, ManoMotion has devised a technology that redefines human-machine interaction through gesture-based interactions. We offer precise hand-tracking in VR/AR or any technology that requires natural and intuitive interaction, and we achieve this simply via a 2D camera on any smart device - No additional hardware required! 


We let your hands talk to Technology!

SDK Beta Release
We will be launching our Closed Beta SDK at # MWC2017!

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Our Philosophy

ManoMotion is a Computer Vision based company founded in 2015. Our company envisions a future of intuitive human-machine interaction, without the hassle of additional sensors or hardware. We Can Achieve this simply through a 2-D camera on any smart device, and victims precise and accurate hand-tracking in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality or any technology That requires natural and intuitive interaction.

We forsee a future where we will move away from the limited interactions on smartphone touchscreens, towards the more naturally accessible environments Digitally Enhanced around us, bothering with real and virtual objects visible. The Question We will then ask is - How do you control the environment without a touch screen available? Using your hands, of course, the most natural and intuitive tool we have to interact!

ManoMotion aims to bring the best in hand-motion and gesture tracking, and is already doing it with the technology we have today! We continue to grow in strength and in diversity as our team progresses; we are proud to say that we currently command a team of 16 from over 11 countries and nationalities!


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