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Smartphones are more than just phones. They’re our private cinemas, our music libraries, our mobile gaming consoles, and so much more. Dirac explores the enormous potential of mobile device applications where superior audio is vital to the experience. We help turn movies on-the-go into immersive, panoramic sound experiences, and give mobile devices the power to optimize any sound system. Dirac technologies have been a staple in high-performance home audio, professional cinema and premium automotive markets for years, and we’re excited to bring our innovations to the mobile market.

MWC Product Launches

Dirac VR™, a second-generation Dirac Panorama Sound® and our new cloud-based service Dirac Connect are debuting at MWC 2017. 


Dirac VR

Using patent-pending dynamic HRTFs and other new technologies featured in Dirac’s Dynamic 3D Audio platform, Dirac VR removes one of the industry’s major barriers to a truly immersive VR/AR experience. You’ll no longer notice you’re wearing a headset. Learn more

Dirac VR demo at MWC 2017 will involve watching a movie while wearing Dirac VR-enabled headphones. In doing so, participants will experience a surround sound system virtually, over headphones, that is also able to precisely localize sound so that when you pivot your head in any direction the sound remains fixed in space, as it does in real-life.

It (Dirac VR) was eerily convincing.

– Carlo Lo Raso, Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity

This Swedish audio research company might just change the way people experience VR.

– Jordan O'Brien, Associate Editor, CE Pro Europe

Dirac Panorama Sound

Dirac Panorama Sound® leverages multiple small speakers to create a full panoramic soundstage and deliver exceptional sound quality, transforming portable devices into a mobile home cinema. Learn more

The second-generation of Dirac Panorama Sound, which is making its debut at MWC 2017, enables asymmetric sound systems of a receiver and a standard mobile micro-speaker to deliver an extra wide soundstage with enhanced sound quality.  For the manufacturer, it means a lot more flexibility in the industrial design for the stereo speaker solution without compromising on the sound quality.

By turning the enhancement (Dirac Panorama Sound) on through the app, a much wider and fuller soundstage was illustrated, without fuzziness or bloat. It was a very enlightening experience!

Carlo Lo Raso, Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity

Other Audio Solutions for Mobile

Dirac HD Sound® delivers unique acoustic optimization custom-tailored for each specific headphone model, dramatically improving headphone performance. Learn more

Dirac Sensaround® widens and externalizes the soundstage of headphone playback, creating an immersive multi-dimensional listening experience unlike any other. Learn more

Dirac Power Sound®  empowers small speakers with audio quality normally only found in bigger, more expensive models using technologies specifically developed for small speakers. Learn more

The difference between the Dirac HD Sound engaged and not engaged is nothing short of amazing. 

– Tom Andry, Associate Editor, Audioholics

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