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AR and VR brings an interaction paradigm shift

AR and VR completely changes the way we interact with our mobile devices. Motion based interfaces such as speech, gestures, body- and eye movement are taking over. Swing by our booth to check out demos and enjoy the advantages with gesture control.

We will be showing:

  • VR media content browsing with gestures - Get a taste of the smoothness when using gestures while browsing 360-content with a virtual reality headset.

  • Gesture controlled AR smart glasses - Gesture control is one of the most effective ways to interact in AR environments. Experience it first-hand (no pun intended) using gestures.

  • Gesture controlled educational VR - Play with gestures and learn about a unique education method and a new learning experience that is changing the way we educate people.

  • Taking selfies using gestures - Try convenient photo capturing from a distance using touchless gestures. Use a V-sign for instant photo capturing, browse through photos with a swipe and mark photos as favorite with a thumbs-up.

Touchless interaction by gestures

Our product Touchless A3D® enables touchless interaction with hand gestures in many different situations.

  • In Augmented and Virtual Reality - Interact and navigate content by showing a pose to bring up a menu, swipe for the next view and control the sound.

  • On computers, tablets and mobile phones - Capture photos and videos, swipe through presentations and user manuals or handle your calls.

  • In the car - Control navigation, communication and music without taking the eyes of the road. Accept or reject calls, listen to text messages and adjust volume.

Connected AR

Our software platform aBubbl® enables the activation of Augmented Reality in any application using low energy Bluetooth. aBubbl® lets users of mobile devices locally and seamlessly discover, communicate and share information with other users close by.

  • Marketing and mobile wallet - Local merchants identifies and communicates with customers approaching the store. The mobile wallet handles coupons, loyalty points, receipts and more.

  • Social settings - At conferences, concerts or other big events users get information about the people around them, giving them opportunities to connect.

  • Games - The technology brings a collaborative aspect to the game, making it more social.

About Crunchfish

Crunchfish is passionate about human interaction with devices. Since these devices are present everywhere in our daily lives, we have made it our mission to create new possibilities to manage them. We operate in the fast expanding field of Augmented and Virtual Reality, providing software for touchless gesture interaction and AR activation in consumer electronics. The company was founded 2010 and is based in Malmö, Sweden. Crunchfish is listed on Nasdaq First North in Stockholm. For more information visit

Crunchfish AB
Stora Varvsgatan 6A
211 19 Malmö
+46 40 626 77 00